Toronto is Site for Wedding of Russian Women

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Toronto is Site for Wedding of Russian Women

Irina Fedotova-Fet and Irina Shipitko, a lesbian couple from Russia, was finally granted their wish to get married on Friday. The wedding, however, did take place in their native Russia. Instead, they were joined in matrimony in Toronto, Canada.

The couple petitioned a court in Russia on two separate occasions for permission to get married in a registry office located in Moscow. Both times, their request was dismissed by the court siting that, in Russia, marriage is only permitted between a man and a woman.

It is their hope that their marriage certificate from Canada will assist in paving the way for same-sex marriages to be approved and allowed to take place in Russia.

Fedotova-Fet is delighted to have finally been able to wed her long time love.

Speaking through her interpreter, she said, “We got acquainted five years ago and all this time, we were together.”

She went on to add that she and Shipitko have long been anticipating this special day to arrive for them.

When Russia denied them permission to get married in their native country, they arrived at the idea of traveling to Canada for their wedding. Canada has been sanctioning marriages between same-sex couples since 2001.

The law in Russia does acknowledge international marriages. However, this law does not mention what will happen with same-sex weddings of this type.

Attorney Nicolai Alexeyev hopes that Fedotova-Fet and Shipitko’s marriage certificate from Canada will assist them in their appeal to have their union recognized by the European Court of Human Rights and Russia’s Supreme Court

“We are trying to help them, but we are also trying to help many, many couples who do not believe it is possible. It is possible, and they’re showing that it is possible,” said Alexeyev.

The happy newlyweds will remain in Canada for six days prior to returning home to Russia.

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