5 romantic ideas for your girlfriend’s birthday

5 romantic ideas for your girlfriend’s birthday

So your girlfriend’s birthday is approaching and you want to do something different and romantic to show her how much you love her. Stuck for ideas…fear not, we’ve got five romantic ideas for you to choose from, that will have her proclaiming her dying love for you, and bragging to her friend’s months well after her birthday.

  1. Romantic Night Picnic: Sometimes is the little and inexpensive things that make the biggest impression, take the time to make a picnic with all your girlfriends favourite foods, and treats. Buy a nice thick picnic blanket so you are extra comfy. Arrange the picnic presents and food nicely, buy some tea lights and tea light holders and set them up around the picnic area; you can get some really nice ones of all different shapes and sizes, scented ones are even better. Blind fold her and lead her to the picnic area. She will love and really appreciate the thought and attention to detail you have put into it. It is much easier to buy and wrap a present, something like this shows that you have out a lot of thought and consideration into it.


  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride: A romantic hot air balloon ride for two will definitely be a new experience and probably for the both of you. Find out what’s on offer in your local area, you can start off by having a romantic dinner and then finishing it off seeing your town from a bird’s eye view. Just make sure she is not scared of heights!!



  1. Make her the envy of her work place…or uni/college: Bombard her with flowers while she’s at work, have a fresh beautiful bunch of flowers sent to her every hour while she’s at work, you can do a bunch of roses, a different colour bunch each hour, or you can start with a small bunch and then get progressively bigger as each hour passes. There is nothing a girl loves more than being spoilt on her birthday in front of all her friends. If you really want to make an impression balloons and a box of chocolates will give you even more points on the best boyfriend chart.


  1. Surprise party: This might be a tough one depending on how well you can keep secrets. Before her birthday call round all her friends and family and invite them to come to your home at a set time and date, maybe a Friday evening after she has finished work. Have a friend distract her from coming home too early, arrange a beautiful cake, get help with the decorations and when she opens the living room door, you know what to shout.



  1. Lingerie: Lingerie is an all-time favourite gift with majority of women. Women like silk especially and love the feel of it against the skin. It is actually like a gift for you too as you would get to see her dressed up in the lingerie. So how about killing two birds with one stone


Whichever you decide to do, as long as it is evident you put your effort into ensuring everything is perfect your girlfriend will appreciate it. As the old saying goes it really is the thought that counts.

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5 Romantic ideas for your boyfriend’s birthday

5 Romantic ideas for your boyfriend’s birthday

Is your boyfriend’s birthday around the corner, want to give him a romantic present that he’ll absolutely love? Well then carry on reading, now firstly a man’s idea of romantic is quite different to that of a woman, candle lit dinners, nice romantic strolls and flowers galore are what women consider romantic….you walking around cooking, cleaning and pampering your man completely naked is your man’s idea of romance, so here are a few ideas to make your man a happy boy on his birthday.

  1. Yes Yes Yes.

Give your man a yes day, you have to say yes to whatever he asks for on his special day, no questions asked, if he asks you for a back rub while you fan him with a giant leaf and feed him grapes dressed in a loin cloth you have to oblige. This day permits him to have exactly what he wants when he wants and you have to make his fantasies a reality.

  1. Love Medicine.

Fill one of his empty prescription bottles with love notes or things you want to do to him.  Change the label on it to say ‘Prescription for Romance’ and leave it in his briefcase.  Don’t say a word until he finds it, you’ll know when he does.

  1. Fantasy List.

Remember that a relationship is 50/50 and his idea of romance might not be the same as yours. Have him make a wish list of fun things to do, and occasionally do one to let him know that you appreciate all the romantic things he’s done for you.

  1. Something Sentimental

Send your love anonymous love letters on little pieces of scented paper, and tell him to meet you somewhere romantic…like the first place you went maybe. Blindfold him and lead him to the beautiful picnic or dinner that you have prepared for him.

  1. Striptease

You can take some pole dancing or burlesque dancing lessons and then put on a performance for your man, replace the light bulb with a red one, put rose petals all over the bed and the floor and light candles to set the mood. Then show your boyfriend  your new moves, he’ll be impressed with what you can do.

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Single and loving it…Why being single is the way forward.

Single and loving it…Why being single is the way forward.

So you’re single, no boyfriend and no ring on your finger…well not yet anyway.  There is absolutely no rush to get yourself into a relationship. Seeing couples kissing snuggling and holding hands may make you feel a bit lonely and long for the same kind of affection, but behind closed doors, the same couple that was just looking like loves young dream could be going through their own miserable raging domestic disputes, now that is just one of the reasons why being single is so great, and here are a couple more:

Freedom and Independence.

Being single means you can do whatever you like, whenever you like. You are not answerable to anyone, you don’t need to explain why you didn’t come home last night, you don’t need to check with anyone before you can go on anywhere. Being single allows for spontaneity, you can decide to go on holiday on the spur of the moment and live life on a whim if you want.  If you want to sit and watch TV all day while munching a family pack size of Doritos to yourself there is no one to look at you in repulsion. Especially for the guys, it forces you to learn how to do things for yourself such as cooking laundry and cleaning up for yourself. Being skilled at different things makes you a more complete, independent, well-rounded person, which is a great quality to have, and one that will be noticed if you decide to seek a relationship later on.

More control over your time

We live in a busy society. You probably hear people complaining that they never have enough time, all while scribbling their plans for the next three months into their BlackBerry. These people probably aren’t single. When you’re single, you may have more time for yourself and things that you like to do. You can set your own schedule. Being single may give you more time for hobbies, relaxation, being with friends and family, and so on. Being single gives you more time to better yourself. You can use the extra time to work on your career, volunteer in your community, or take classes for job advancement or just for personal enrichment.  Relationships and marriages especially require a significant amount of time, as anyone who is married or in a relationship will tell you. So, doesn’t it stand to reason to take advantage of any extra time while you still have it?

Not having to tolerate another’s annoying habits

Let’s face it – all of us have quirks about ourselves that someone else finds annoying. Being single frees you from this issue. A single person doesn’t have to listen to someone snore all night while hogging the blankets. Guys, you wouldn’t have to worry about finding a fuzzy toilet seat cover or pink shower curtain in your bathroom. Ladies, you wouldn’t have to constantly nag someone to take care of the dishes piling up in the sink or putting the toilet seat down. Being single allows you to give your patience a rest and live in a non-frustrating environment. The only disgusting habits you’ll have to put up with are your own.

No emotional roller coaster rides

Being single allows you to stabilize your emotions. When a person is in a relationship, especially when it is just starting, your emotions can go completely out of sync. Your mind can go a mile a minute constantly thinking things like, “Does s/he still like me?”, “Did I say the right thing?”, “What should I do now?”, “When should I call next?” The list goes on and on. It’s enough to make a person go bonkers with all these thoughts running rampant. In addition, being single means that you won’t have to worry about going through a heart-wrenching breakup. Once you’ve become a successful single, you will appreciate being able to be emotionally relaxed.

Ability to become aware of who you are

Being single can give you a deeper awareness of who you really are – not someone as defined by a relationship. During the initial stages of a relationship, you try to make yourself look as good as possible to impress the other person, and often find yourself saying and doing things you normally wouldn’t do. Being single allows you to be yourself and develop who you really are.

These are just some of the advantages to being single. As you progress into becoming a successful single, you will find more and more advantages.  Once you move past the grass is greener on the other side way of thinking, you will then be ready to make the most of being single.

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Secrets to Writing a Successful Dating Profile

Writing a profile on a dating website may be a simple process or it might be so difficult for you that you just quit, having convinced yourself that it is not worth the effort. Before you decide that you will remain single for the rest of your life, you need to know that you can write a great online dating profile by using the following secrets:

  • Be Funny: If you want to capture someone’s attention on dating websites, being funny is one of the most sought after traits that people are trying to find in a dating partner. A study conducted by eHarmony discovered that humor is the sixth trait out of a list of ten choices. That includes both men and women. Being funny is acknowledged as a good plan when writing dating profiles. On the other hand, if you are not confident that you have the ability to be funny, try stealing a line from one of your favorite comedy movies. If you get a laugh because the other person knows what movie you are quoting, you will know that there is some chemistry there.
  • Start a Talk about Love: You might believe that not everyone enjoys talking about love, so you tend to shy away from that topic. However, a study of 1.2 million profiles conducted by Plenty of Fish found that women who used the word “relationship” 16 percent more often than other single women were more successful in successful dating. When you think about it, a high number of people are online looking for love. Why not be upfront about what you are seeking?
  • Don’t Be Shy about Your Attributes: The same study from eHarmony found that being honest about the kind of person you are is helpful as long as you use certain words to do so. It appears that women should use such words as optimistic, sweet, and thoughtful. Men need to say that they are spontaneous, perceptive, and passionate. You need to lead with your positive qualities. For whatever reason, this practice seems to work.
  • Talk about Your Interests: It is a rather obvious fact in writing online dating profiles that you talk about your interests and hobbies. This is where details can help. All people are searching for common interests to find that perfect dating partner. Sharing your interests makes conversations effortless when two people are good matches. Studies conducted by OKCupid and Match.com shows that certain words make it even more likely to find the perfect person. Men should mention activities like hiking, surfing, and attending live concerts. Women should list things like acting, fashion, and yoga.
  • Use Your Gender to Arouse Interest: A few stereotypes still exist in written online dating profiles. These include that men fall in love with what they see while women are attracted to what they hear. You can use these words to paint a picture of yourself.
  • Be Humble as Well as Confident: This tends to lead to the fact that you need to own whatever you are. Don’t leave out anything because confidence will get you more noticed: 23 percent more often. Pew Research Center conducted a study that showed people were most interested in positive profiles but not too much. People don’t usually buy it when something seems too good to be real. However, it is a positive thing to show your best qualities.
  • Imitation is Flattery: The London School of Medicine and the University of North Texas both agree that searching the online dating profiles to find ones that are most connected to your interests can increase your chances of meeting someone you find to be most connected to you. Similarity creates affection. That is why it is most helpful to choose words paralleling those of the profiles you find interesting.

Online dating coaches have found that you should never stress over writing the perfect profile. The reason for this is that a lot of people will not ever really do more than scan it. Photos tend to be what people are most focused on with the profile details coming second if they like your photos. As you might have to write profiles on several dating sites, you can take the ideas presented here and put them to good use.

On the other hand, if you simply cannot come up with the right words for a superior profile, it is perfectly fine to borrow words that are well-known. Words taken from song lyrics, lines from a favorite movie, or quotes from love poems. This is totally fine to do. Besides, whatever you choose to write in your profile says so much about you. There is too much stressing over writing dating profiles and there does not have to be. All you need to do is be completely honest about yourself, your interests, and anything that you feel is pertinent to share. You will be amazed at how quickly you find the perfect person for you.

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How Many Members Do the Top Dating Sites Have


Online dating is quite popular nowadays. The industry experiences  exponential growth year-by-year. There are a plethora of dating sites and apps available. Dating sites and apps includes Match, eHarmony, UK Mature Dating Site etc. Wouldn’t you like to know how many members, some of the the top dating sites have?

The Most Popular Dating Sites


Site Number of Members % US US Members Monthly Cost
Match.com 96 million 70% 67 million $34.99
eHarmony 37 million 89% 33 million $59.95
Singlesnet 25 million 100% 25 million $24.95
Zoosk 54 million 40% 22 million $39.99
Mate1 31 million 69% 21 million $49.95
Plenty of Fish 23 million 65% 15 million Free.
Upgrade @ $88.20/quarter
Chemistry 11 million 88% 10 million $49.95
SpeedDate 9 million 80% 7 million $39.95
OkCupid 9 million
(rough estimate)
77% 7 million Free.
Upgrade @ $9.99/m
(50% off for students)
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Survey Shows Seniors Over 65 Are Still Sexy

It is often assumed by younger people that, once you hit those seniors ages, sex is no longer a part of life. Most people under 65 believe that older people only want companionship and their lives no longer contain passion. However, a survey taken by 2,002 older Britons disagree with this suggesting that 52 percent of people over 65 feel that they are not having enough sex. In addition, it showed that nearly one third of these sexy seniors are more than happy to engage in sex on their first date with someone.

The charity, Independent Age, declared that its survey indicated that age was not a factor when the subject is introduced.

Enjoy your Life!

If you have any doubts, just ask Dennis Allen of Somerset. He has not let age affect his sex life. At 84 years old he is married to his fourth wife, Pauline, and has been since 2004. He said that they have sex at least two times weekly.

Dennis feels that if you are able and ready, there is no reason not to enjoy life. He says that you never know when your time is up. In fact, he and Pauline, age 85, are sure they exercise and take care of themselves partly because they want to stay attractive to each other.

While it may be a stereotype, he points out that if you are a woman with a husband who is a couch potato with a fat stomach and a cigarette hanging from his mouth, she is not going to find him very attractive. He then went on to say that his wife always looks great and would not go out of the house unless she looks attractive. She will not allow him to go out of the house unless he is spruced up, either.

Other things that the survey found were:

  • Only one in six people of age 80 and above said they were getting enough sex.
  • The same amount of the 65 and older group said that one of the only reasons that they would no longer enjoy sex is the lack of opportunity.
  • Another surprising result of the survey, says that one in four of couples aged 65 and over who met during the last 10 years stated that they had met on the internet.


The director of services at Independent Age, Lucy Harmer, states that many older people are more sexually active than you might believe. She told the BBC that the generation of 65 and older are now the baby boomers. She does not believe that this age group has ever been told that they should stop having sex. While admitting that people in that age group do have a slightly different way in approaching sex, the even older generation are different still.

This survey also declared that nearly one in eleven of the over 65 group said they were not practicing safe sex when engaging in sex with someone new. In fact, the Terrence Higgins Trust said that some newly single people in the 65 plus group had little knowledge regarding STDs.

The head of policy and parliamentary affairs at the sexual health charity, Debbie Laycock, affirms that, even now, the discussion of sex in older people is still rare. Most of the conversations, education and sexual health movements concentrate on the younger population. She also stated that this needs to change because sex education is not only needed by the young. The assumption that older people are not having sex has led to such things as STDs in the senior group.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Independent Age put together a few tips to maintain exciting romantic relationships for the senior group:

  • Talking is vital when it comes to holding relationships together. You and your partner need to talk to each other about how you are both feeling about things.
  • Communicate to each other regarding what each of your sexual needs are.
  • Have confidence in your body.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment when it comes to sex, maybe even have a first time same-sex relationship.
  • It is very important that you practice safe sex no matter what your age to prevent contracting and spreading STDs.
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