How to get your boyfriend to propose

How to get your boyfriend to propose

Do you think it’s about time your long-term boyfriend finally got down on one knee and made honest women out of you? Do you feel as though all your friends are getting married and even though have been faithfully committed to your partner for some time now he is dragging his feet about proposing? Does your heart skip a bit anytime you watch an engagement scene on the TV? And do you stare adoringly at the secret Bride to be magazines you have hidden under your pillow? Well we have some tips that might help him pull his finger out and put a ring on that perfectly manicured and ready finger of yours…read on for how we can get you walking down the aisle in no time!!

Have faith: Believe in your relationship, behave as though have full confidence about his love for you, show him that you have full confidence in your relationship and the chances of his proposing to you will increase. Don’t over-act sand scare him away, just enjoy this natural feeling of confidence and relaxation about you two being together as a couple.

Charm him: Use our feminine wiles and charms as your weapons, be alluring. You are his dream woman, everything he wants in a potential wife you have to be that you are funny, sexy, and homely and you’re the only woman for him and the only woman he can see himself with in the future.

Drop subtle hints: Dropping hints is an excellent idea. When you see a guy proposing marriage or a couple getting married in a movie hug him tight. Get excited over friends getting married. These little moments can help a lot in getting your man to propose, don’t overdo it and be blatantly obvious be subtle about it, drop the idea into his head without him even realising it.

Talk about your mutual future: you don’t have to mention this too often, especially if he finds it hard to think long-term or of a lifetime commitment. A few hints here and there could have a great effect and help him think of you two living together in a realistic way and not as some far off future. Mentioning your plans for next summer, and counting him in of course, planning a change in your lifestyle together with him, instead of by yourself, will create a light-hearted feeling of a life time partnership.

Address his fears: Maybe he’s concerned that once you get married, you’ll somehow, and settle into a comfort zone, or he is worried that after getting married he’ll be forced to immediately start working on starting a family.  It is very possible that he is insecure and that where he is now in life is not where he wants to be when he gets married maybe he envisages himself with a better paying job a nicer family house and stability in his finances. Maybe he feels that his current situation can’t provide the luxuries he wants to bestow on his future wife can he afford a ring that is up to your standard, the wedding of your dreams and the honeymoon he knows you’ll want. You need to put his mind at ease about all these sorts of issues.

Make a decision: If marriage is something that you cannot live without and something that he is not interested in, then you are with the wrong person. The only alternative is to rethink your own position on marriage. If being with him means more than getting married, then you need to change your own opinion. If you’ve had a good relationship up to this point, don’t let it go right now just because he hasn’t asked yet. You want him to want to marry you: nagging him about it, breaking into crying fits over it, and threatening to leave him if he doesn’t propose immediately will not get you what you want.

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