First Date Ready!!

First Date Ready!!

So you’ve got yourself a date, maybe it’s your first in a while or maybe you just want to try something different to make a good impression. Well here are some beauty tips you can try and some tips about how you should behave during the date…enjoy

Go for the natural beauty look, you got yourself a date and he was obviously attracted to you enough to ask to take you out. Don’t overdo it with too much lipstick, eyelashes so straight and sharp they look dangerous and 6 inch heels you can’t walk in. Apply a nice foundation with good coverage to even out your complexion, go for a mild mascara to give you a bit of volume and length but DON’T over-do it, nothing too heavy, mascara will open up your eyes so there is no need to wear eye shadow. If you do want to wear eye shadow go for a neutral colour, if you have small eyes, white eyeliner on your lower water line will open up your eyes even more and make them pop.

Now for the outfit – this is when you go to the back of your wardrobe and pull at that trusty Little Black Dress. The LBD works wonders, it hugs all the right places, covers all the places you want to hide and instantly turns you up glam, pair with a reasonable heel (and a clutch. Some chandelier earrings and a necklace should complete the look. No need for rings and bracelets, we’re going as natural as possible remember. Some ivory polish on the toes and fingers matching bracelet should complete the look. No need for rings and necklace

Now for your hair, why not try a nice try some soft bouncy curls, this is a look that works whether your hair is long or short. Just take a big barrel curler and heat for 10-15 seconds so the curls are not too tight. Be sure to use heat protecting serum, and hold with a mild but strong spritz. If you have a fringe, curl and hold in place with a bobby pin.

Now as nerve racking as a first date can be, try as hard as possible to relax…yes we are aware that there are millions of butterflies fluttering away in your tummy, but the calmer you are the more you’ll be able to enjoy this date. Have fun and go with the flow.

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