Always the bridesmaid never the bride

Always the bridesmaid never the bride

Have you worn countless bridesmaid dresses, purposely designed to unflatteringly hug all the wrong places in order to ensure you don’t outshine the bride? Have you walked down innumerable aisles behind the beaming beautiful woman of the moment just wishing you were her?  Have you subjected yourself to the ridiculous demands of your crazed psychotic bridezilla best friend controlling ordering and bossing you about, and vowed to get your own back tenfold whenever your time to get married arrives.

Ok well then you are an example of always the bridesmaid and never the bride!!

Now while this probably doesn’t make you want to jump and down and sing for joy, it is not actually such a bad thing. Here are 5 great reasons why you should enjoy being the brides maid and how you can be the one walking up the aisle next…the one in the white dress that it 😉

  1. Being a bridesmaid gives you unlimited access to legions of single bachelors; think about it the best man, friends, colleagues and relatives galore. You don’t have to worry about where to find a potential husband you’re in the right place. So the next time bridezilla screams that she needs someone to go and check the groomsmen are running on schedule, volunteer yourself before she even finishes asking and while you’re there be on the lookout for someone who catches your eye. Now remember you have to look good enough to catch the fellas’ eye as well, so don’t show up to the house where the men are getting ready in your tracksuit all hot and sweaty with your hair sticking to your forehead. Who is going to want that? It might be mayhem all around you but be calm, pop that red lippie on, spritz a bit of that killer perfume and make sure you’re smiling and you’ve got a glint in your eye.


  1. Get wedding ready, ok so it’s the brides big day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t invest in some beauty treatments and a nice hair do too. There is nothing you can do about the dress but you can make it work. Now it is very easy to go over the top, you don’t need spray tan after spray tan, long false dagger like nails and false eyelashes so heavy you can’t open your eyes. Go for the natural beauty look, there will most likely be so many desperate bachelorettes there who are totally overdone, that you will stand out just by looking normal and standing out is the goal here.


  1. The reception is a perfect place to fish for men, but remember the bait has to be attractive to the fish, so don’t get blind drunk and fall asleep on a strangers shoulder, or start crying about how single and depressed you are to someone who doesn’t know you. Men will either have a good laugh at the drunken weirdo walking around with one shoe, or just avoid you completely. Be in control, look good and mingle. Don’t be afraid to approach people, you’re a bridesmaid so walking around and asking if everyone is having a good time is totally fine. Make conversation and hopefully with a bit of luck you’ll strike up convo with the right guy.




  1. Don’t come across too desperate, you want to get married and have the happily ever after fairy-tale life with your new beau, but nobody needs to know that. If you’re scouring the wedding reception like a hawk prowling around for a victim you’ll scare people away. You managed to start conversation with a guy, that’s great, don’t start asking him if he wants marriage and kids seconds into your conversation. That is just plain scary, as hard as it may be given the situation try and just be your natural charming self and just have a good time. Not every man you talk to is going to have what you’re looking for and vice versa. So don’t treat the situation like an interview. When you relax and just take everything as it comes, that is when you will find someone.



  1. Finally don’t worry about still being single, you are free, you are not tied down, you haven’t got as many responsibilities and you are only accountable to yourself. One day you will meet someone and all that care-free freedom will soon go out the window. You are probably thinking that you would happily trade your single days for a life of domestic chores and cooking as long as you were happily married, but marriage comes with its own dramas and is not as smooth sailing and easy as you dream. Things happen when they are supposed to happen so just enjoy your life until you meet the right person. You will be amazed that as soon as you stop fretting and worrying about getting older and not being married, you will meet someone and the whole process will take its course naturally.

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