5 romantic ideas for your girlfriend’s birthday

5 romantic ideas for your girlfriend’s birthday

So your girlfriend’s birthday is approaching and you want to do something different and romantic to show her how much you love her. Stuck for ideas…fear not, we’ve got five romantic ideas for you to choose from, that will have her proclaiming her dying love for you, and bragging to her friend’s months well after her birthday.

  1. Romantic Night Picnic: Sometimes is the little and inexpensive things that make the biggest impression, take the time to make a picnic with all your girlfriends favourite foods, and treats. Buy a nice thick picnic blanket so you are extra comfy. Arrange the picnic presents and food nicely, buy some tea lights and tea light holders and set them up around the picnic area; you can get some really nice ones of all different shapes and sizes, scented ones are even better. Blind fold her and lead her to the picnic area. She will love and really appreciate the thought and attention to detail you have put into it. It is much easier to buy and wrap a present, something like this shows that you have out a lot of thought and consideration into it.


  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride: A romantic hot air balloon ride for two will definitely be a new experience and probably for the both of you. Find out what’s on offer in your local area, you can start off by having a romantic dinner and then finishing it off seeing your town from a bird’s eye view. Just make sure she is not scared of heights!!



  1. Make her the envy of her work place…or uni/college: Bombard her with flowers while she’s at work, have a fresh beautiful bunch of flowers sent to her every hour while she’s at work, you can do a bunch of roses, a different colour bunch each hour, or you can start with a small bunch and then get progressively bigger as each hour passes. There is nothing a girl loves more than being spoilt on her birthday in front of all her friends. If you really want to make an impression balloons and a box of chocolates will give you even more points on the best boyfriend chart.


  1. Surprise party: This might be a tough one depending on how well you can keep secrets. Before her birthday call round all her friends and family and invite them to come to your home at a set time and date, maybe a Friday evening after she has finished work. Have a friend distract her from coming home too early, arrange a beautiful cake, get help with the decorations and when she opens the living room door, you know what to shout.



  1. Lingerie: Lingerie is an all-time favourite gift with majority of women. Women like silk especially and love the feel of it against the skin. It is actually like a gift for you too as you would get to see her dressed up in the lingerie. So how about killing two birds with one stone


Whichever you decide to do, as long as it is evident you put your effort into ensuring everything is perfect your girlfriend will appreciate it. As the old saying goes it really is the thought that counts.

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