5 Romantic ideas for your boyfriend’s birthday

5 Romantic ideas for your boyfriend’s birthday

Is your boyfriend’s birthday around the corner, want to give him a romantic present that he’ll absolutely love? Well then carry on reading, now firstly a man’s idea of romantic is quite different to that of a woman, candle lit dinners, nice romantic strolls and flowers galore are what women consider romantic….you walking around cooking, cleaning and pampering your man completely naked is your man’s idea of romance, so here are a few ideas to make your man a happy boy on his birthday.

  1. Yes Yes Yes.

Give your man a yes day, you have to say yes to whatever he asks for on his special day, no questions asked, if he asks you for a back rub while you fan him with a giant leaf and feed him grapes dressed in a loin cloth you have to oblige. This day permits him to have exactly what he wants when he wants and you have to make his fantasies a reality.

  1. Love Medicine.

Fill one of his empty prescription bottles with love notes or things you want to do to him.  Change the label on it to say ‘Prescription for Romance’ and leave it in his briefcase.  Don’t say a word until he finds it, you’ll know when he does.

  1. Fantasy List.

Remember that a relationship is 50/50 and his idea of romance might not be the same as yours. Have him make a wish list of fun things to do, and occasionally do one to let him know that you appreciate all the romantic things he’s done for you.

  1. Something Sentimental

Send your love anonymous love letters on little pieces of scented paper, and tell him to meet you somewhere romantic…like the first place you went maybe. Blindfold him and lead him to the beautiful picnic or dinner that you have prepared for him.

  1. Striptease

You can take some pole dancing or burlesque dancing lessons and then put on a performance for your man, replace the light bulb with a red one, put rose petals all over the bed and the floor and light candles to set the mood. Then show your boyfriend  your new moves, he’ll be impressed with what you can do.

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