Survey Shows Seniors Over 65 Are Still Sexy

It is often assumed by younger people that, once you hit those seniors ages, sex is no longer a part of life. Most people under 65 believe that older people only want companionship and their lives no longer contain passion. However, a survey taken by 2,002 older Britons disagree with this suggesting that 52 percent of people over 65 feel that they are not having enough sex. In addition, it showed that nearly one third of these sexy seniors are more than happy to engage in sex on their first date with someone.

The charity, Independent Age, declared that its survey indicated that age was not a factor when the subject is introduced.

Enjoy your Life!

If you have any doubts, just ask Dennis Allen of Somerset. He has not let age affect his sex life. At 84 years old he is married to his fourth wife, Pauline, and has been since 2004. He said that they have sex at least two times weekly.

Dennis feels that if you are able and ready, there is no reason not to enjoy life. He says that you never know when your time is up. In fact, he and Pauline, age 85, are sure they exercise and take care of themselves partly because they want to stay attractive to each other.

While it may be a stereotype, he points out that if you are a woman with a husband who is a couch potato with a fat stomach and a cigarette hanging from his mouth, she is not going to find him very attractive. He then went on to say that his wife always looks great and would not go out of the house unless she looks attractive. She will not allow him to go out of the house unless he is spruced up, either.

Other things that the survey found were:

  • Only one in six people of age 80 and above said they were getting enough sex.
  • The same amount of the 65 and older group said that one of the only reasons that they would no longer enjoy sex is the lack of opportunity.
  • Another surprising result of the survey, says that one in four of couples aged 65 and over who met during the last 10 years stated that they had met on the internet.


The director of services at Independent Age, Lucy Harmer, states that many older people are more sexually active than you might believe. She told the BBC that the generation of 65 and older are now the baby boomers. She does not believe that this age group has ever been told that they should stop having sex. While admitting that people in that age group do have a slightly different way in approaching sex, the even older generation are different still.

This survey also declared that nearly one in eleven of the over 65 group said they were not practicing safe sex when engaging in sex with someone new. In fact, the Terrence Higgins Trust said that some newly single people in the 65 plus group had little knowledge regarding STDs.

The head of policy and parliamentary affairs at the sexual health charity, Debbie Laycock, affirms that, even now, the discussion of sex in older people is still rare. Most of the conversations, education and sexual health movements concentrate on the younger population. She also stated that this needs to change because sex education is not only needed by the young. The assumption that older people are not having sex has led to such things as STDs in the senior group.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Independent Age put together a few tips to maintain exciting romantic relationships for the senior group:

  • Talking is vital when it comes to holding relationships together. You and your partner need to talk to each other about how you are both feeling about things.
  • Communicate to each other regarding what each of your sexual needs are.
  • Have confidence in your body.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment when it comes to sex, maybe even have a first time same-sex relationship.
  • It is very important that you practice safe sex no matter what your age to prevent contracting and spreading STDs.
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